UMBO - The Future of Smart Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Outlined below is a list of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If you have additional questions please contact us at

What is Umbo?

Umbo is a small device that emulates augmented reality through automated displays, with gesture control for easy navigation.

Do I need to wear a ridiculous, bulky, overpriced headset?

Definitely. Not.

Do I need an external device (iPhone/ Android/ Computer/ Etc) to use Umbo?

No, not after onboarding. You will need an external device to create an account and setup your preferences. After this initial onboarding process, you will interact directly with Umbo.

What is Umbo App?

Umbo App is an application available for iOS and Android that allows you to add your favorite apps to Umbo and setup your preferences.

Which apps can I add?

Currently, there are 10 apps available with more coming soon. The apps available are: Gmail, Calendar, Traffic Conditions, Weather, Sports Stats, Health, News, Stocks, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you have a request for a specific app to be added, please let us know via with the subject line 'New Integration!'.

Can I watch movies on Umbo?

Please keep in mind, the goal of Umbo is to augment your everyday experience throughout your home so we're focused on apps that help your productivity first. We are working hard to add in movie/ video streaming integrations as well.

Can I mirror content to Umbo from my device?

We're currently working on mirroring capabilities from mobile devices and computers. However, you will not need your phone to interact with Umbo normally. We use your onboarding preferences, sensors, and machine learning to deliver the content you want, in the right place at the right time. If we're doing our job right, you should never need to mirror ;)

How do I Setup?

  • Download the Umbo App
  • Select which room Umbo will be located (Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Other)
  • Select your favorite integrations, there are currently 10 available (Gmail, Calendar, Traffic Conditions, Weather, Sports, Health, News, Stocks, Twitter, and Facebook)
  • Customize the layout of the windows (i.e. Agenda and Weather on the first window, Gmail and News on the second, etc)

How does it work?

  • Umbo automatically activates based on various triggers you select including Proximity, Push Updates, Alarms or by tapping the device so there is no need for your phone after setup.
  • To navigate through the windows, you simply swipe your hand right or left.
  • Umbo learns from your behavior, so if you wake up and always go straight to the third window it will move this to your first window.
  • If you have multiple Umbo's throughout your house, they talk to each other to provide you with this continuous stream of content.

Can I connect multiple Umbo's?

Yes, Umbo works both as an individual device and in a group. Once you add two or more Umbo's to your home network they will communicate with each other to provide you with a connected experience throughout your house. Most common rooms include Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens, and Offices.

Can my Umbo have multiple users?

Yes, a single Umbo device can have multiple users. Each user must register for an account.

Is Umbo Portable?

While it is possible to move Umbo, we recommended leaving each Umbo in one room for the best experience. It adapts to your routine based on its location and does not have a battery. To encourage a true smart home experience, we offer bundle pricing on multiple Umbos to get you setup in multiple rooms.

Does Umbo have a battery?

No, Umbo does not have a battery. Each Umbo is designed to stay in one room for the best possible experience.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your privacy is our top concern. Umbo uses encrypted communication protocols, so your information is always yours.

Does Umbo have a return policy?

Yes, Umbo can be returned for a full refund at any point up until shipping. After Umbo is shipped, additional restrictions take effect. You can view the full Return Policy at

Does Umbo come with a warranty?

Yes, Umbo comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

Can I develop an app for Umbo?

Yes, please contact our developer team at for early API access.

Additional Questions?

Please contact us at